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10 Ways to Invest in a Circular Economic Market [Download Our Infographic] Thumbnail

10 Ways to Invest in a Circular Economic Market [Download Our Infographic]

By Sarah Carlson, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

In our previous blog, we discussed what climate change means for our financial and environmental decisions. Today, we'll explore investing in circular economic opportunities.

The goal for a circular economy is simple – the reduction of waste through the circular flow of more efficient products and the maximization of value extracted from resources. This strategy departs from the linear take-make-waste model, which assumes abundant resources that are easily sourced and subsequently cheaply discarded with few ramifications.

Numerous data points suggest the take-make-waste model is unsustainable. In our view, reasons to strive for a more circular economy are wide-ranging, embracing significant environmental and socioeconomic issues.

A linear approach has resulted in the current challenge:

  • We take from the earth
  • We make an item
  • The consumer uses that item

When no longer desired, it is disposed and usually results in discarding and throwing away, which pollutes. Instead, a circular model recycles materials and focuses on reuse before ultimately recycling to continue the cycle. 

We believe the circular economy is now a crucial part of the solution, which should not be politicized as it is an issue of public health and life itself. We should all strive for a more sustainable future and should no longer be considered a niche concept with limited application. We are optimistic about how the regulatory landscape will continue to develop. There are demands to place a circular economy at the forefront of green agendas, including using tools such as carbon pricing to encourage a transition away from take-make-waste models.

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See the steps you can take to help move towards a more circular solution.

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