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Serving as Change Agents  

Why Fulcrum Financial Group?

We see ourselves as change agents because we facilitate mindset shifts from scarcity and uncertainty to financial confidence, clarity and lasting education.

By growing your skillset, enhancing your understanding and organizing your financial picture, you’re poised to experience a more balanced life.

We’re a firm believer that financial guidance is connected to your entire being and life. This is why we listen attentively to your story, understand your priorities and address what matters most to you.

You have a vision for your life and an idea of how you want to feel. Embracing these aspirations is at the core of what we do.

It’s Time to Live Your Best Life

We Always:

  • Focus on life-oriented wealth management solutions

  • Bring key insight and a high level of rigor and qualifications to our work

  • Provide dynamic, personalized financial skill building

  • Love what we do and the individuals and couples we work with

  • Are unwavering in our inclusivity and welcoming to everyone who walks into our office

A Word from the Founder, Sarah Carlson, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

"Money does not solve money problems, but good advice will. I see the positive ripple effect of what useful advice can do, and it inspires me to keep working and caring genuinely about my clients. I am not alone in being an empathetic financial professional. We are out there; we are interested in helping you, and you are worth it."

If you resonate with our approach,

learn about the clients we work with.