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7 Work to Life Balance Tips [For Working Moms] Thumbnail

7 Work to Life Balance Tips [For Working Moms]

By Sarah Carlson, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

Having work to life balance as a working mom is essential for your mental health at home and the office. Whether you're working all day or part-time, raising a family is no simple accomplishment. 

One of my favorite quotes for working moms is:

This struggle is real. The juggle is real. That's why everyone should hire working mothers. They are put in crazy situations all the time and are forced to problem-solve. They are some of my most resourceful employees." – Sara Blakely

As a Spokane financial advisor and mother, here are some tips for optimizing a work to life balance.

1. Working Mom Daily Schedule

A working mom daily schedule should include a rundown of your needs and commit to them. Figure out what errands should be achieved and when. Take note of impending gatherings or cutoff times in a manner that can assist you with monitoring your forthcoming obligations. Time can quickly go by, and it's useful to schedule updates on your phone making you aware of what needs to get done. 

2. An Optimized Workspace

For those who work remotely, isolating your work life and your home life can be intense. Making a devoted office space can assist with making this partition more clear while upgrading your efficiency during the week's worth of work. Having an office with a door that can close during work hours can be valuable for minimizing distractions.

Some ways to optimize your space include: 

  • An ergonomic desk with a comfortable chair
  • Personalizing your space with pictures, plants, and good lighting
  • A strong WiFi connection
  • Ensuring it's quiet and ideal for virtual meetings

3. Maintaining Structure

While interruptions are inevitable, attempt to keep up with structure in your everyday schedule. This can assist you, your children, and your partner with feeling great and coordinated.

Make sure to stop working once the day is finished, whether that implies going home at a sensible time or leaving your work space. Also, take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

4. Be a Great Leader by Delegating

If you are in charge of operations, consider whether there may be a few things you can remove your plate and give to other people. While it may be difficult to release tasks to others, doing so is significant for balance. If there are undertakings another person in your team can deal with, make it a point to request help or assign to them the task.

5. Team Communication

Communication is a higher priority than any time in recent memory while endeavoring to place your life in balance. Miscommunication can lead to tedious or expensive issues. 

Be straightforward, forthright and open to chatting with your colleagues. When everything is ready to run as expected, you can feel better about investing more energy and exertion into tasks beyond the workplace.

6. The Power of Saying No

You can't do everything. And keeping in mind that it's difficult for some to say no, there are times when the need should arise. This remains closely connected with being able to delegate tasks to others. Rushing to finish a task or compromising to fulfill a time constraint will not help anyone.

It's perfectly fine to say no or reschedule hanging out with colleagues outside of work. You know what your priorities are and shouldn't feel guilty about saying no.

7. Ditch Perfection

You might feel like you are not sufficiently giving time to your loved ones if you're working many hours. In the event that your kids need additional consideration, you might feel that your job performance is beginning to decline. Now is not the time to be perfect, and it's fine to give yourself a little leeway. 

Having work to life balance as a working mom will bring out the best in you


Work to life balance is a difficult exercise. Some days you can't seem to catch a break, while on different days you feel like you have everything in perfect order. These tips will help working moms overcome adversity and keep up with their personal and professional lives.

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