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Use Stimulus Money for Spring Fun, but Spend It Here Thumbnail

Use Stimulus Money for Spring Fun, but Spend It Here

Spring is here in the Inland Northwest, and after a year of this pandemic, change is our new normal.

Most of us haven't had a chance to respond to all the changes, and instead have only been reacting. If you are anything like me, you are tired of reacting.

Coupled with fatigue, this time of year is typically hard for most of us due to our consistently cold, snow-filled winters and short daylight. It's normal for us to feel like we need an escape, which makes warmer-weather homes and vacations popular among Spokanites.

This year, if you feel excited, you aren't alone. You are so overdue for some sun and feel-good energy. With the vaccine's rollout, this new season of recovery offers hope that you can live life differently. There certainly will be more in-person connections than the last 12 months. There is hope that you will get your vaccines, and you most likely know a loved one who has already received their first dose. The desire to do something meaningful is an ordinary urge we all share.

This desire, added to this latest round of stimulus money, gives our internal engines the energy to burn. You may be among the recent stimulus recipients and you will soon receive your money to help with the financial strain you have endured. Having the opportunity to live life differently and some extra cash to help ease the friction, you may be looking to spend more time with loved ones, go on a vacation, or catch up on bills.

Whatever your dream is, with your newfound freedom and cash in your pocket, I hope you have budding confidence.

Shopping local will help businesses that were affected by the pandemic

Explore What You Already Have

You may be thinking I'm a killjoy, that I don't know how to have fun. After all, given the past year, aren't we all entitled to want to get away and escape? Yet I invite you to pause, look around, celebrate, and discover what is already in our community. Going nowhere after this year of stasis? Yes, that is exactly what I am recommending.

Here in the Inland Northwest, we have many unique destinations located within four hours of driving from Spokane, whether the wine country of Walla Walla, the lakes of North Idaho. In addition to Spokane, we have many notable towns and businesses that not only would benefit from your stimulus check but welcome you with open arms.

  • Your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of what you already have in our community will not only build your need to connect and share, but it will help the foundation of our local economy that has been hit so hard during this pandemic
  • Start exploring now. Of course, we all need to continue to be careful by wearing our masks and practicing social distancing
  • Check out which of your favorite restaurants are back in business, and connect with friends you haven't seen during this pandemic year.
  • As you shop, shop local, and let our local businesses know they are an essential part of our community by getting what you need, while supporting our local vendors

Be creative and explore a way you can create a new experience to celebrate what you have. We have so much to celebrate together as we spring forward together.

I am so looking forward to finding out about your new "simple pleasures." I hope you will email me and share your Spokane magic.