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Women and Philanthropy: A Guide to Giving Thumbnail

Women and Philanthropy: A Guide to Giving

By Sarah Carlson, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

Women have been givers since ancient times. They often give with their heart and soul to support projects that improve society.  In our modern times, successful women are now finding themselves in positions that allow them to become effective and influential philanthropists.

Herstory of Voting and Giving

Powerful women always supported causes they believed in despite being put down and put upon by society. The suffragist movement turned society on its head and demanded a woman’s right to vote. The push started in the late 19th century and continued to the early 20th century. While women fought tooth and nail for the right to vote, they also advocated for societal change.  Many suffragists were also philanthropists. They supported women’s rights, including the right to smoke, along with the right to have a formal education and social welfare.1

Modern Women are the New Change Force

Some of today’s wealthy women include Melinda Gates, media queen Oprah Winfrey, and MacKenzie Scott (Amazon). They use their wealth and influence to address blockbuster issues. They want women to be able to study, get a good job, earn fair wages, and have a way to go up the class ladder. Empowered women form philanthropic organizations and combine forces with giving networks. Through giving circles, they pool money and volunteer their expertise to amplify the beneficial impact. 

Women givers often look for specific causes and love to focus on underserved communities. How does a woman philanthropist make the biggest mark? Here are some tips.

Your Cause, Your Passion

Start now, right now, in the present moment, by identifying the causes or issues that resonate with you. Your passion should be the driving force behind your philanthropic efforts. Love what you do, and then do it. Define your philanthropic goals and objectives.  Determine what kind of impact you want to make and the scale of your contributions. Count the beans and then spread them in your magic garden.

Strategic Gifting

Research and conduct due diligence on organizations and projects that align with your goals. Look for transparency, efficiency, and proven results. Charity Navigator is a good resource.

Giving Ways

Strategies include giving money, volunteerism, advocacy, and influence. Donating money is one of the most direct ways to support a cause. Consider setting up a structured giving plan or a donor-advised fund. Giving your time and skills may be equally impactful. Many organizations rely on volunteers to carry out their missions. You can also volunteer your influence, if you have a substantial following or fanbase. Raise awareness, lobby for policy changes, and engage with your community.

Embracing Female Philanthropy

To empower female philanthropic efforts in the future, consider mentorship, education, and inclusive philanthropy efforts. Encourage the next generation of women to get involved in philanthropy. Share your experiences, knowledge, and resources with younger generations.

Make a Wave

Promote diversity and inclusivity in philanthropy. Consider how your giving may benefit underrepresented communities and causes. Help the innocents and less blessed.

Women might lead a tidal wave of philanthropy by driving change to improve the world. Whether you are just beginning your philanthropic journey or have been actively involved for years, remember that your contributions—whether financial, time, or influence—have the power to transform lives and communities. By embracing the spirit of giving, you may play a crucial role in shaping a more equitable and compassionate world for future generations. Give back with passion and compassion.

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